Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This is the End...Beautiful Friend, The End

Okay - name that tune!


I think that the "23 Things" Project, while it had its moments of frustration and irritation, has been overall extremely relevant and worthwhile. In our business, if you snooze, you lose - technology is here, like it or not, and new technology is being introduced seemingly daily - we've got to keep up, or become obsolete. Thank you to everyone statewide who made this project possible!

Audio Options

I am glad the various technologies exist that can provide books in other formats, although I still prefer my books on paper, bound, that I can hold in my hand. I had a very difficult, frustrating time trying to wade thru overdrive, netlibraries, etc - much too time consuming, frustrating, & ultimately fruitless. This all needs to become more streamlined.

Laura Lippman Podcast

I am so excited to discover a podcast interview with author Laura Lippman, discussing her latest book, "What the Dead Know." Fantastic!

You Tube

My fave You Tube find of the week: an interview with Patty Duke, Barbara Parkins, & Lee Grant discussing the filming of the 1967 classic film, "Valley of the Dolls." Hilarious!

Ya Gotta Love Google

Once again, google comes thru for us w/ google docs - wonderful! Easy to use, and no separate account login required, if you already have a google , or gmail, acct.

Up the Sandbox

Sandbox exercise done!!!

Wikis Up the Wazoo...

I firmly believe, for better or worse, that wikis are taking over the world. I admit (sheepishly) that I do use wikipedia as a resource; however, I am constantly checking it for errors...and have been known to make corrections and post them as I see fit. In terms of library wikis, I have explored th Booklovers Wiki thru Princeton Public Library. Interesting stuff for the book aficiando.